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All contact number calls cost 7p per minute from a standard BT UK landline. Plus your phone providers access charge.

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The Vodafone Business Accounts customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Vodafone Business Plans Customer Number
• SME Business Accounts UK Phone Number
• Vodafone Business Account Group Features & Updrages UK Support Number
• Vodafone 50+ Employees Business Bundles Complaints Number

Use the Vodafone contact numberto get in contact with the Vodafone customer serviceteam to speak to a representative about your Vodafone broadband, tablet or mobile phone services. The Vodafone customer services telephone number is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm Monday to Sunday. The Vodafone customer service number gets busy after 11:00amso try and call before that.

Vodafone Customer Number
The number above

Useful Vodafone Customer Numbers:

DepartmentCustomer NumberFreephone Number
Vodafone Customer ServiceThe number above03333 040 191
Join Vodafone Personal0870 280 046708080 408 408
Join Vodafone Business0870 280 55030845 241 9560
Complaints0870 280 639703333 040 191

Vodafone Customer Service Opening Times:

Monday to Friday8:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday8:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday8:00am - 9:00pm

Contact Vodafone By Post:

Vodafone Head Office :
Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN
Vodafone Complaints By Post:
Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN

You can contact Vodafone customer service by calling The number above. If you are already a customer of Vodafone and you want to call them from your mobile then all you need to do is dial 191 from your Vodafone device. This is a Vodafone free phone number and you wont be charged. Of course, you should note that if you are on a Vodafone pay as you go contract then you wont be able to get this service and you will be charged as well. You could also contact Vodafone by using their live chat option. This really is the case if you are abroad. In order to access this feature, all you need to do is login to your Vodafone account. Vodafones helpline is also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you wont have any problems there. Feel free to call the support team if you need help with any of the following:

  • Using the Service
  • Creating an Account
  • Billing Questions
  • Topping Up
  • Device Guides
  • Internet Connection
  • Home Phone
  • Problem Reporting
  • Device Protection

Introduction To Vodafone

Vodafone group is a telecommunications company based in the UK. They have headquarters in London and they have a registered office in Newbury as well. It is the worlds second biggest telecommunications company and this is especially the case when you measure them from the amount of subscribers Vodafone has. Vodafone have networks in over 26 countries and they have partners in over 50 countries as well. The Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications to corporate clients in 150 countries and this alone puts them way ahead of other providers in the industry. You will also find that they have a primary listing on the stock exchange and it has a very high level of market capitalisation as well. The name Vodafone is derived from Voice, Data, Fone and it is designed to reflect the provision of the service that is mostly provided over mobile phones.

Vodafone Complaints Number

The Vodafone customer service team handles a lot of their complaints via via their helpline number. When you call the Vodafone customer care number be sure to have all your details ready to ensure a speedy phone call. If you want to contact the Vodafone complaints team by post then you can do so by using the postal address below, remember to send your complaint via registered or special delivery so you will have a signature receipt when they receive the complaint:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Vodafone Pay As You Go

If you want to top up your Vodafone phone then you can do so by logging into your Vodafone account online. You will then need to go to the registration link and then you will have the option to top up. When you get to this stage of the process you will be able to top up via your credit card or even your debit card. You can also top up your pay as you go phone by calling the Vodafone top up number which is 2345 from your Vodafone device. You can then use either your credit card or debit card to top up, or alternatively, text the word topup to the same number. This is completely free and all you need to do is tell them how much you would like to top up at the time.

Vodafone SIM Cards

You can order SIM cards from Vodafone and this will cost you £10. These come with over £50 of UK calls and texts and as a Vodafone customer you will be entered into the reward scheme as well so there are plenty of benefits to this. If you want to top up your Pay As You Go phone then you can do this securely without even having to enter your details, so simply call The number above to find out more.

Using Vodafone Abroad

Vodafone really do like to make things simple for you so if you are planning to go abroad then all you need to do is take a look at the zone that you are going to travel in. You will be able to take the price plan that you have now with you to plenty of countries and this includes Australia and even New Zealand. If you want to call the Vodafone customer service team so you can find out how to use your Vodafone number abroad then all you need to do is use the Vodafone contact which can be found here: The number above.

Vodafone Monthly Deals

There are a huge range of Vodafone Pay Monthly plans available for you to choose from and they all come with varying minutes. You can choose from UK minutes, UK texts, UK internet and more. This gives you plenty of flexibility and you can choose from 12 or 24 month contracts. If you want to find out more about this then all you need to do is call the Vodafone contact number because that will put you in touch with the Vodafone customer services team who will be able to give you a run down of the monthly deals.

Vodafone 4G Services

Vodafone was awarded in the spectrum of 800MHz and 2.6 GHz in 2013. Ever since then Vodafone have expanded their services so they can offer 4G to all of their customers and this is a great way for you to get what you need and at a price you can afford. You should note however that 4G is not available in some locations so if you are unsure about this then you may want to call the Vodafone number today to see if they can help you with this. The Vodafone customer care team would be more than happy to help.

Contact Helpline


Calls may cost more from mobiles and other networks. You should be aware that you will not be connected directly to a Vodafone Business Accounts Customer Service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Vodafone Business Accounts.

Additional Vodafone Business Accounts info

Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone broadband is designed to match in with the way you live your life. One thing that you should note is that it puts you in control and it prioritises your WIFI speeds as you walk around your home. If you need more speeds with one device and less with another then you can do that no problem. If you are already a customer with Vodafone then you can get £5 a month off any broadband bundle that you choose. If you go with the RED bundle, which gives you and your family a connected service, you can also get 300 minutes to any UK mobile. If you are having problems with your Vodafone contract then simply call the Vodafone customer service number to see how they can help. The Vodafone customer care number would be more than happy to help you in any way that they can and when you do contact Vodafone it wont cost you a thing if you call the number that is most suited to your needs.

Unlock an Phone from the Vodafone Network - Iphone.

Family Time

With family time, you get to decide who uses your broadband and when they use it. For example, with Boost, you can send as much signal as you can to a single device and this is great if you want to download something in a hurry. When you have Beam, you can focus the signal to a device when you are in your home or garden. Contact Vodafone today if you want to find out more about this service. The Vodafone helpline is open 7 days a week.

Switching to Vodafone

If you want to swap to a Vodafone phone number then call Vodafone today to find out more. The Vodafone help team will sort everything out for you and they will also work with your current provider. They can even give you a connect router for free of charge, which is worth over £130. If you want to get the Home Phone service as a part of your bundle then you will get inclusive evening and even weekend calls from your landline.


When you want to install Vodafone broadband you will pay a fibre activation charge and this will be £39. You may also need to pay a provision charge which totals £60 and this is only the case if you dont have a BT Openreach line in your home. When you sign up with the Vodafone telephone number and speak with Vodafone customer support, they will be able to tell you about the extra expenses that are required but most of the time this isnt needed. If you want to take out line rental this will cost you £16.99 every month and this is required if you want a home phone or even broadband. The connect router is £6.99 and this is very affordable when compared to other providers. Call the Vodafone customer services number today to find out more.

Vodafone One Net

If you have a small or a medium sized business then you need to make sure that you are completely on-point with just about anything. Vodafone can help you with that and they have a service available that helps you to integrate mobile with fixed line and tablet connectivity. That means you can connect your business in more ways than one as well as making sure that you are always saving both time and money.

Vodafone Business Premier

This is a plan that is made for your business. It allows you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business as well making sure that you have all of your communications covered. When you take a look at the Vodafone Business Premier, you will notice that it is available in 5 different tiers. Each of these tiers will give you more features and value for your business, including free European calls and free international calls as well. When you opt in for this service you will also get your very own Vodafone Prime contact who will help you with just about anything you need.

Vodafone Advance

When you have Vodafone Advance, you can combine your employee data together as well as having the chance to share it flexibly throughout your entire organisation. If you a have a smaller business then you can choose Vodafone Red + and this lets you share one set of data with 10 people. Another great aspect of this is free roaming, which means that you can take your home plan with you when you travel. This means that you will only pay £3 a day for Euro Zone and £5 a day with World Zone.


How Do I Use My Phone When Im Not In The UK?

There are some standard rates and charges that will apply when you use your mobile abroad. This will all depend on which area of the world you are travelling to. If you want to find out more about this then all you need to do is call Vodafone on: The number above. For your own security it is important to understand that when you travel abroad, you may want to prevent people from accessing your phone and that is why you should always tell the Vodafone customer service team where you are going so they can let you make as many calls as you want. When you do arrive, your phone should connect to one of the local networks and if this doesnt happen then you could always choose to do this manually through your phone settings. If you want to top up when you are abroad then you will need to register your debit card with the Vodafone network customer service team. Again, you can do this by calling them on: The number above. When you are abroad, all you need to do is dial 2345 and select option number one.

When Can I Upgrade?

Vodafone Red Hot customers can upgrade their phone when they are 12 months into their 2 year deal if they want but all other customers will need to wait until their contract has ended before they can upgrade. If you do want to upgrade your phone then all you need to do is call the customer care number. If you call the business number here: 0843 596 3089 then they will be able to help you with any business enquiries that you might have. If you have upgraded earlier than normal, then your new plan will start the day after your original date.

What If I Want To Change My Plan?

You can change the plan that you are on at the moment by simply calling the Vodafone care service number. You can add Europe packages, data boosts and entertainment packages for as little as £3 every month and you can add or take these away as much as you want. If you wanted then you could easily swap over your plan altogether but there may be an additional charge for this if it is not a part of your upgrade.

How Do I Pay A Bill?

If you are a customer that is new to Pay Monthly then you can pay your bill easily by simply setting up a direct debit. You can do this by logging into your My Vodafone account and when you have done this, all you need to do is select your payment method. If you want to top up, visit the Vodafone top up page and enter the phone number that you would like to add credit for. You can also buy a top up pack for your friends and family if you want.

Can I Keep My Number?

If you want to keep the number that you have now then you will need to get a Porting Authorisation Code from the network that you are on at the moment. This is only available to you for 30 days so this is something that you need to keep in mind. You can complete the online form that is on the Vodafone website with the mobile that you have now and the mobile that you want to keep. The form that you fill out with Vodafone will depend on whether you are a business, a pay as you go or a pay monthly customer. If you have any questions then you know that you can always contact the Vodafone help team. If you are swapping from a Pay As You Go or a Pay Monthly plan then you wont need a PAC at all. Instead, all you need to do is get your temporary number on the back of your existing SIM card.

Ive Lost My Phone, Now What?

If you have lost your phone or if you believe that someone has stolen your phone then you need to make sure that you contact the Vodafone helpline right away. When you do this, they will be able to help you to block it so you can make sure that nobody will use it. If your phone is insured through Vodafone then you can call the Vodafone claim line. This is the same number as the customer service number and it can be found here: The number above. If you are not insured through Vodafone then you will need to contact your insurance provider right away. If you dont then there is a high chance that someone else could use your phone as well as purchasing credit on your debit card.

Of course, Vodafone are also on a range of social media channels. They are on Facebook, Twitter and so much more and when you do contact them on their page one of their team will try and get back to you as soon as they possibly can. If you want an instant response however then you would be better off calling the Vodafone number because this way you will get an instant response and they can also help you with any confidential information that you may need to pass onto them. This is much safer when compared to over the internet and they can also cancel the contract for you there and then as well as showing you how to get a new contract that is not going to be affected by your stolen phone. If this is the case then you will find the Vodafone number here again for your reference: The number above.


Big girls can dress like Duchesses

Meghan's fashion fan Katie Sturino makes a bold fashion statement.

Katie Sturino, Founder of MegaBabe Beauty is known by her many instagram followers as inspiring and a body positive influencer for plus sized women. Her name has recently spiked in the social media platforms after doing a like for like “dress-off“ against the Duchess to remind her followers big girls can rock these looks too! One of Sturino's favorite celebrities to look for inspiration is Meghan Markle alongside her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton as both are known to be the best dressed royals.

Sturino faced harsh criticism over the photos from the same fickle media that earlier praised them. Although Sturino's looks inspired by the Duchess of Sussex prove that “style has no size“, comments like the following continued to be belted out.

Recent Public Comments

Who Cares
2 days ago
Next time buy the dress a couple sizes larger. It will look much better on you, and people won't comment as much as they do when it looks like the dress is ready to pop.
2 days ago
That time that the social media “influencer“ posted pics so she could get fake praise and PC accolades... but instead got the truth.
3 days ago
If you don't want people to talk about your body, don't take pictures of your body and post them on social media. Your intent may be to get others to think that you're as beautiful as you do, but there's no way to force it. If you're happy with obesity, so be it; however, obesity is unhealthy, and unhealthy is not beautiful, no matter whose style you choose to copy or how many pictures you post.
Schlomo Goldsteinberg
3 days ago
3 days ago
If you are going to create plus size versions of (other) celebrities's looks, at least find clothes that fit you properly, darlin'. That beige dress looks like 10 pounds of sausage crammed into a five pound casing and that one button is hanging on for its dear life.

News outlets picked up Sturino's photos for a feature on how the influencer has found ways to re-create Markle's ensemble for any figure. As a result, Sturino said that the comments have been “brutal“ and reposted the on her Instagram profile.

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