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The Samsung Galaxy note2 customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Samsung Galaxy Note2 Customer Number
• Samsung Galaxy Note Backup UK Phone Number
• Samsung Galaxy Note2 Android Updates UK Support Number
• Samsung Galaxy Note Root Firmware Recovery Helpdesk
• Galaxy Note Battery | Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Complaints Number

Samsung Customer Service Customer Number

Want to contact Samsung customer service ? If you are facing trouble with your Samsung devices, you can directly get in touch with the Samsung customer service team. To provide you the assistance, you will be connected to the Samsung technical support department. Make sure you provide all the information regarding the query to get a quick resolution.

Samsung - How it all started

  • Information & Communication technology.
  • Retail.
  • Financial Services.
  • Advertising.
  • Ship building.
  • Medical & Healthcare facilities.
  • Hospitality.
  • Construction.

More than four lakh people work for Samsung worldwide and the company has appointed large number of people to provide customer support services to its customers. To get in touch with the team, call the Samsung U.K contact number: The number above.

Samsung Customer Number: The number above

The phone number shared on this website is the best way to contact the Samsung advisor. When you call the number, you will be connected to automated menu, select the desired option to be connected to the concerned department. If you are an existing customer, provide your customer number or case number for quick assistance. OA pioneer in electronics sector, Samsung offers one of the best after sales services in the country. The most popular products of Samsung are mobile phones, Tv, fridge, Air conditioners etc. Usually the Samsung customer service eam remains busy throughout the day. If you are unable to connect over the phone, you can talk to an expert over the chat service.

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Please refer to Official Galaxy Note Series website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a Samsung Galaxy note2 customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Samsung Galaxy note2.

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Further Samsung Galaxy note2 info

Samsung Customer Number

Use the Samsung contact number for:
Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 / S7 / S8 Edge
All Samsung Devices

Monday - Saturday - 9am to 6pm
Bank Holidays - 10am to 4pm

samsung contact number

Samsung UK Postal Address

Samsung Customer Support
Selectapost 38
S97 3FJ

Samsung Customer Service Number can be reached on using the number shown above. Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm and on bank holidays 10am-4pm. Samsung are now one of the market leaders in the highly competitive electronics industry. For information on the huge range of Samsung products then contact the team using the number above.

Samsung Sales Support & Online Ordering

If you have any queries about the status of your order, for example, you wish to modify your order or you want to know when to expect delivery then you will need to speak with the Samsung Customer Service. Returns are subject to Samsungs sales and refunds policy. You can return your item and get a refund if you decide you do not want to keep the product. Use the Samsung Contact customer services on the number above for more information relating to the returns policy. If you are having trouble pacing your order or for some reason are not able to complete an online checkout then contact customer services who will be happy to help.

Samsung Technical Help and Support

If your Samsung device has developed a fault or you need help with how to operate some of its many functions then you can use the Samsung contact number using the number above. They will check if the device is still within the manufacturers warranty.

When you ring through to the team you will be can choose from:


Option 1 - Mobile phones and tablets - press this if you require any technical help, including setting up your device or if it has developed a fault. By calling Samsung customer services you will also be able to find out information on the latest phones available. Also use this option if you are enquiring about pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Option 2 - TV, home cinema and speakers - press this if you want technical help, if the TV has developed a fault or stopped working, tracking your repair or information regarding your warranty.

Option 3 - Appliances - for technical help with white goods please ensure that you have the model number of the appliance to hand. Samsung can also give you advice in making sure that you are making the most out of your appliance as well as itss many different functions.

Option 4 - Notebook and Chrome - for support with your Samsung laptop. Please press this option if you are after help with setting up your device or it has developed a fault or stopped working. They can help with matters such as doing a recovery on you device, using unsecured networks and setting up printers.

Option 5 - Printers - for technical help with printers please ensure you have the model number of your device to hand. Samsung customer services can help with troubleshooting and the installation of new software as well as repairs if the product develops a fault.

Option 6 - Camera and Camcorders - press this for digital camera/camcorder support where customer services will help with troubleshooting, how to use the different lenses available and repairs. Please make sure that you have the model number of the device to hand when calling.

Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 is Samsungs latest new mobile phone that will be launched from the 6th March.


  • A 5.1 Inch QHD sAmoled Screen
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Dust Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • 12MP Camera
  • Photodiode Sensor Technology

To order the Note 8 Edge or the Galaxy S8 you can contact pre-order by calling the contact number for Samsung or you can visit the Samsung Store online directly -

If you are already an existing customer of O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Three or Vodafone you need to contact them directly if you want to view their latest offers. You can contact these companies here - Samsung Smart Things

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear VR

Contact Samsung and associated retailers for more information on the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality add-on for the Galaxy S7. Recently endorsed by Facebook, the Samsung Gear will revolutionise the market.


About Samsung

Samsung are based in South Korea and were founded in 1938, however they didnt actually work in the electronics industry until the late 1960s. Samsung are now a huge global company sitting in lots of markets in electronics but more recently have become major contenders in the mobile phone industry.

Samsung now have businesses in; mobile devices and tablets, TV and audio, home appliances as well as cameras/camcorders. They are committed to be the best in their market and are one of the worlds leading brands in the electronics industry thanks to the research and development they are constantly doing. Call Samsung on 08435 042 052.

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