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The RBS customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Number
• RBS Banking UK Phone Number
• RBS Online / Mobile Banking UK Support Number
• Credit Cards, Loans & Mortgages Helpdesk
• RBS Investor Relations Complaints Number

Call RBS customer service advisor on their direct banking telephone line . Queries related to your RBS account can be solved by calling on this customer service phone number. If you want to call at a localised number, then dial the rbs contact number

RBS Customer Service

0844 385 1259


Timings to contact RBS customer service are from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. These numbers will directly connect you with the RBS team of U.K. To learn more about RBS banking services such as loans, bank accounts, mortgages etc. you can ring the RBS customer service helpline during the opening hours (Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm).

Customers calling from BT landline will be charged 5p/minute plus your phone provider access charge. Calls rates for other networks may vary. Your calls may be monitored or recorded for company’s training purpose. RBS top notch contact number: is the official contact number to access customer services.

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc – RBS

RBS Headquarters: Edinburgh

The Royal Bank Of Scotland commonly abbreviated as RBS is a banking firm that provides its services in U.K and Ireland. The bank has more than 700 branches mainly in England, Scotland and Ireland. Founded in 1727, the bank has its headquarters based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With around ninety thousand people working for RBS, the bank provides services in the following areas: Wikipedia

  • Insurance and Finance services.
  • Consumer Banking services.
  • Corporate Banking services.

Currently, RBS is in process of adopting new series of banknotes made from polymer material. The bank has provided services to many businesses and individuals from centuries. People who would like to open their account with RBS can call on RBS phone number: . If you are an existing customer and want to get in touch with RBS customer services, you can call on the RBS phone number mentioned above. RBS contact number: 0844 385 1259 is one of the best and convenient ways to get solution to your banking queries.

RBS Bank: Customer Service Phone Numbers

We have mentioned some contact numbers below to get in touch with RBS different departments:

For Bank account Queries:

If your query is related to RBS telephone banking, then contact at the following phone numbers. You can call the below numbers 24*7:

For Personal customers:

RBS customer number:

RBS International number:

For Business customers:

RBS Contact number

RBS International Phone number:

For mortgage enquiries:

Call the below phone numbers from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

To apply for a new mortgage:

RBS mortgages contact:

RBS mortgages phone number:

To register for telephone banking:

If you want to register for telephone banking services then contact at the following number (24*7):

RBS Telephone banking number:

RBS International telephone banking :

RBS Customer Service Telephone Number

rbs telephone number

Why Should I Contact RBS Customer Service Number?

Contact RBS customer services in the following cases:

  • Bank account queries.
  • To apply for loan.
  • Credit or debit card lost or stolen.
  • General banking queries.
  • Cheque book lost.
  • Cancel Direct debit.
  • Mortgages queries.
  • Activate RBS debit card.
  • Business account queries.
  • Locked from your bank account.
  • And many more.

Get in touch with RBS customer services team if you face any of the above problems. Make sure you have your RBS account number handy to make it easier for the representative to solve your problem swiftly and efficiently. Contact RBS team from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday on customer services phone number . Users who are unsatisfied with RBS services can make a complaint to the company representative. In order to raise a complaint or share any bad experience with the company, dial RBS phone number and the customer representative will investigate your case and come up with a solution that suits both company and customers.

Best Way To Contact RBS

If you find that your RBS credit/debit card has been lost or stolen, then reach out to RBS customer services team for help as soon as possible. The most convenient and easy way to contact customer services department is over the phone. Call RBS on phone number: to talk to the customer representative. The agent will block your card and you will get a new one after completing the official formalities. Users who feel that there RBS account has been compromised or you feel that you have been a victim of any fraud, contact RBS on its contact number from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday. Contact RBS customer services to discuss about the following:

  • Apply for home or car loan.
  • To apply for mortgages.
  • To apply for RBS bank account.
  • To apply for RBS debit card.
  • To sign up for RBS online account.

Simply contact RBS on phone number: to arrange an appointment to discuss any of the above topics. You can now get in touch with RBS customer services team on social media account. The customer service representatives are now active on Twitter account to solve your queries.

Contact RBS Customer Service

RBS Debit/Credit card Lost Or Stolen

If you find that you have misplaced your card or chequebook, then you need to contact RBS as soon as possible. The best and swift way to get in touch with RBS is by calling on their phone numbers:

  • Card lost or stolen and chequebook lost: In this scenario contact the customer services team on RBS phone number: If you are in abroad call the RBS international customer services phone number:
  • If your debit or credit card is blocked abroad: if you are unable to withdraw money abroad or unable to make payment, this means that your card has been blocked. To unblock your card abroad, call the RBS international customer services contact number:

Rbs Credit Card Customer Number

Contact RBS At The Time Of Fraud

If you find out that your account has been compromised or has been fraudulently used, then it is important to contact RBS as soon as possible. Call the numbers below in these cases:

  • Bank Account fraud: This includes your debit card, payment or any mysterious transaction on your account. In this case, ring the RBS contact number: and if you are outside U.K contact RBS customer services on
  • Credit card fraud (For personal Customers): Personal customers who have been victimized of fraud can get in touch with RBS on their customer service telephone number: Customers who are outside U.K can contact on RBS International phone number:
  • Credit Card Fraud (For Business customers): In this case call RBS business manager on phone number: an people who are outside U.K can contact on

We have shared some common problems with their solutions below.These are some common queries that you might face when you are subscribed to RBS Digital Banking. If you still have queries, contact RBS on their customer services number:

Contact Helpline


Please refer to Official Royal Bank of Scotland website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a RBS customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with RBS.

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Further RBS info

How to make a payment if I do not have a RBS card reader?

If you do not have a RBS card reader, then you can make the payment in following ways:

  • Via Telephone Banking: If you have a telephone banking facility, then you can make the payment by calling at the following phone numbers:
  • For Personal customers: If you are a personal customer, then you can contact at RBS contact number:
  • For Business customers:
  • Via Mobile Banking: With mobile banking services, you can make payment up to £250 via Pay Your Contacts feature on your RBS mobile banking app.
  • Via Digital Banking: To set up or change a payee in Digital banking, you will require a card reader.

If you still unable to make payment, contact RBS representative over the phone. Give a call on RBS contact number:

RBS Customer Number

RBS Customer Number

How to order a RBS card reader?

To order a RBS card reader, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your RBS Digital banking by clicking on the link: Digital Banking
  • Click on “Security” option from the menu.
  • Go to the “Using a card reader” section and click on “Order a card reader” option.
  • Now choose the reason from the drop down menu and click on “Confirm” option.

To order RBS card reader over phone, then you can request order by calling on RBS contact number

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How can I enable my RBS card reader?

To enable your RBS card reader, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your RBS Digital banking account by clicking on the link: www.rbsdigital.com
  • Now go to the “Security” option on the menu.
  • Go to “Using a card-reader” option and select “Enable a card reader” option.
  • Follow the onscreen steps that you will get on the page to enable your card reader.

Facing difficulties while enabling RBS card reader? Don’t worry, simply call on RBS customer service number: . The representative will help you to enable your RBS card reader.

What to do if my RBS card reader is displaying an error message “PIN LOCKED CALL BANK”?

If you get the above error, then this simply means that your RBS card reader PIN has been locked. The PIN gets locked if you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row.

If still you are unable to get rid of RBS error message, contact customer services team on RBS customer service number:

Why am I unable to login to my RBS Digital banking account?

This could be due to the following reasons:

    • Entering your wrong customer number: Make sure you enter your correct RBS customer number. If you are typing the number from right hand side of the keyboard, then ensure that your number lock key is “on”.
    • Unable to open official website: There may be cases when you are using the wrong URl to open the website. Click on the link to open the secure and official website of RBS.

If still you are unable to login to your RBS Digital banking account, then you need to get in touch with RBS customer services team on their contact number

RBS Digital Banking Customer Number

rbs customer service

How to reset password and security number of my RBS Digital banking account?

  • To reset your password and security number, you need to fill the Digital banking form with your debit card. Click on the link to fill your Digital Banking Application form .
  • If you know your Security number and password and don’t have a debit card: If you know your RBS Digital banking security number and password, then you won’t require any debit card to unlock your Digital Banking service. You will be able to access your account instantly if you provide the details on form that matches RBS record. Use the link: Digital Banking Application form .
  • If you don’t know your RBS Digital banking security number and password and also don’t have a debit card: In this case, you can still reset your Digital banking security number by filling the Digital banking form. After filling the form with the details that matches with RBS record, you will receive an activation code either by text message or through post. With that code you can reset your security number and the password. Fill the form by clicking on the link: Digital Banking Application form .

Unable to reset password and security number of your RBS Digital banking account? Just dial the RBS customer services contact telephone number and the customer representative will be more than happy to assist you in your query.

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All problems & issues will be emailed directly to the appropriate departments. Fill in the form and state the nature of your enquiry.


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