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The Next customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Next UK Customer Number
• Next Highstreet Fashion & Clothing UK Phone Number
• Next UK Womens Clothing UK Support Number
• Next UK Sale Helpdesk
• Next UK Mens | Complaints Number

Next Home Customer Service Number

next customer service contact phone numberIf you are having trouble trying to find where to sign into your account then call the Customer Helpline now on the number above for assistance. Next have made a few changes to the site recently to improve how it works. These changes mean you can only view certain aspects of your account whilst not logged in, you will need to log in using your username and password to access the rest of your details. Contact one of the NEXT Customer helpline agents for more information.

You can still log in to your account using your customer reference number and your date of birth, however if you wish to set up a password contact the Next Home Customer care number on the number above now and they will set one up for you. If you already have a password set up but you cannot remember it then enter your customer number and email address and hit the reset password button, alternatively if you cannot aces your emails or are having technical difficulties then contact NEXT directly now on the number above

If you have placed an order for delivery online then you can track the parcel using our online tracking system. Once your order has been dispatched into the courier network then NEXT will send you an email to enable you to track your parcels progress. It will show you the times at which your parcel was received by the courier, processed and dispatched. There are also other things you can see such as, if your parcel delivery has had to be re-attempted for example if they came to deliver when you were not available to sign for it. If the second attempt is unsuccessful they will deliver your parcel back to the post office near you for you to collect and sign for yourself. If you have waited for a parcel and not had any tracking information or had any communication from NEXT directly, then ring now on the Customer Service Number number the number above to track a missing parcel.

Next Selfserve - 0800 587 7758

Phone the Next Selfserve helpline for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 587 7758from any touch-tone (button) phone. Next Selfserve is an automated service for Next Directory, thus you should phone 0800 587 7758to make a payment, check your account balance or arrange a courier collection for product returns. The Next Selfserve helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Next Flowers - 0333 777 8050

Contact Next on their dedicated phone number 0333 777 8050to make a flower order or make an enquiry about your existing Next Flowers order. You can call this helpline to get information about the types of flowers & plants sold by Next, to track a Next Flowers order or cancel your plants order. 0333 777 8050is open 7:30am-11pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-11pm Sunday, however please note the Next Flowers helpline may be closed or operate reduced opening times on bank holidays.

Next Gift Cards - 0333 777 8800

Phone a Next Gift Card advisor by calling their local-rate contact number 0333 777 8800. Dedicated gift card experts on this helpline will help you check your Next Gift Card balance, activate your gift card and help you to top-up your gift card. Alternatively if you would like to purchase a Next Gift Card or eVoucher for someone else please call their official gift ordering helpline 0333 777 4534. Both of these Next Gift Card phone numbers are open 7:30am-11pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-11pm Sunday.

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Calls may cost more from mobiles and other networks. You should be aware that you will not be connected directly to a Next Customer Service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Next.

Additional Next info

For queries regarding faulty items, (most items have a one year guarantee from the date of purchase), you can arrange for these items to be collected by the courier and sent back to Next with free delivery of a new item if it is still required, providing this item is still available. Alternatively you can take your faulty items back to any NEXT store and swap it, again providing this item is still available. For further information, or if you have any queries regarding this, the contact number for NEXT Customer services is the number above.

If you are having a problem with a Watch, then contact the Next Home Customer helpline directly, on the number above as these are dealt with separately and cannot be repaired in-store.

If you have a faulty piece of furniture and it required a two man delivery then again call NEXT Customer Care on the number above to arrange for it to be returned.

If you have any queries with regards to online ordering, or emails you consider to look suspicious, or suspect them to be fraudulent or someone trying to phish information using the NEXT logo or claiming to be from a NEXT account then please ring and notify NEXT on the Customer Service Number number the number above and request that emails like this are stopped from being sent to your account.

Next Home

Next Home Contact & Enquiries

Contact a Next Home customer service advisor by calling their local-rate phone number 0333 777 8000.

Next Home Customer Service Number - 0333 777 8000

Phone Next customer services by calling their local-rate contact number 0333 777 8000. This is the main general enquiries helpline for Nexts UK operations so you should phone 0333 777 8000to check in-store product availability, to get a refund for a product that you purchased from Next or if you are unsure of which department you should contact. 0333 777 8000is also the main contact number for Next online, therefore you should call this helpline if you want to change or cancel an order, if you want to track your Next delivery or if you want to get a refund for a product that you purchased online.

0333 777 8000is open 8am-11pm seven days a week and is charged at the same rate as calls to UK 01 and 02 phone numbers. Thus calling Next general enquiries from a landline will cost you a variable fee that depends on how long the call lasts and what time & day you are calling 0333 777 8000on, plus a setup charge. Calling 0333 777 8000will be free from a mobile provided you use free inclusive minutes that are included in your mobile contract or tariff.

A number of other Next services use 0333 777 8000as their main contact number, please consult the list of Next services which use this phone number to see if you should call this helpline for your enquiry.

  • General Enquiries
  • Next Online
  • House Signs
  • Wine

Next Wedding Gift List - 0333 777 8141

Contact the Next Gift List service by calling their local-rate phone number 0333 777 8141. Next Gift List is a service for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays & civil partnerships and allows people to choose which gifts they would like for their wedding etc and for their guests to purchase these items. Therefore you should phone 0333 777 8141if you would like to change your gift list or if you are a guest and you require technical support with using the Next Gift List website.

Next Furniture & Photos - 0333 777 8999

Phone Next Furniture customer service advisors by calling their mobile-friendly contact number 0333 777 8999. This is the main helpline for all Next Furniture & Homeware products including sofas, lighting, dining and bedroom furniture, therefore you should phone 0333 777 8999to get a quote for Next Furniture, to arrange a furniture fitting and to track an existing furniture order. You can also call this helpline to book an appointment with a specially-trained Next design consultant to help you choose the perfect style and items for your home.

0333 777 8999is also the main phone number for Next Photos, therefore you should call that helpline if you are having technical difficulties using the online photo wizard, printing your digital photos or if you havent received a photo order that you have paid for. You can also email the Next Photos service by using their official email address

Next Technical Helpline - 0333 777 4510

Contact Next technical support advisors by calling their dedicated phone number 0333 777 4510. Advisors on this helpline will be able to provide you with troubleshooting advice if you are having technical difficulties with a product or appliance that you have purchased from Next, if they are unable to solve your technical issue they will help you arrange a return or item exchange. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively you can contact the product manufacturer directly by finding their contact number on the official Next technical providers website Next Technical Providers.

Next Complaints - 0333 777 8247

Phone Next to make a complaint by calling their official complaints contact number 0333 777 8247. This phone number is suitable for complaints to any Next department, including stores, online and directory. Alternatively for serious complaints you can phone their head office directly using their official head office phone number 0333 777 4577. You can also send your complaint to Next by email using their official email address alternatively you can write a letter of complaint and send it to their dedicated postal address:

Next Retail Ltd - Complaints Department,
Gedding Road,
LE5 5DW,
United Kingdom.

If your complaint is unresolved by the main Next complaints team you can then phone 0333 777 4582to contact the small specialist team of advisors who are dedicated to sorting out your unresolved complaints. You can also email the Next unresolved complaints team by using their official email address Furthermore you can send the Next complaints full details of your unresolved complaint by post using their postal address:

Next Retail Ltd,
Desford Road,
LE19 4AT,
United Kingdom.

If Next still do not resolve your complaint in a satisfactory manner you can then refer your complaint to an official alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme, such as the EUs Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Next Domestic Appliances - 0333 777 8907

Phone dedicated Next Domestic Appliance advisors by calling their mobile-friendly contact number 0333 777 8907. You should phone this helpline for technical support with your Next Domestic Appliance, to arrange a fitting for your appliance, to track an existing order or cancel your appliance order. 0333 777 8907is open 8am-10pm seven days a week. You can also write to Next by using their dedicated appliance postal address:

Next Domestic Appliances,
c/o AO Retail Limited,
5a The Parklands,
BL6 4SD,
United Kingdom.

Next Art2Order - 01273 511 943

Contact Next Art2Order by calling their Brighton office phone number 01273 511 943to speak to an advisor about your art or framing order. Call this Next helpline to change your Art2Order delivery or to enquire about what paintings, prints and photographs are sold by Next Art2Order. You can also email Next by sending your enquiry to their official Art2Order email address

Next Credit Account - 0333 777 8733

Phone the Next Credit Account team by calling their official contact number 0333 777 8733. Advisors on this helpline will help you to check your credit account balance, close your Next Credit Account or extend your credit. You can also phone 0333 777 8733to notify Next that you are having difficulties making the repayments on your credit account.

Next Magazines - 0207 199 0066

Contact Next on their local-rate phone number 0207 199 0066to manage your Next Magazines subscription. Next no longer sell magazines in the UK however existing magazine orders will still continue to be delivered, so you should therefore call 0207 199 0066to change the address your magazines are delivered to or to cancel your Next magazines subscription.

Next Fitted Kitchens - 0333 777 8093

Phone Next Fitted Kitchens on their existing customer contact number 0333 777 8093to speak to an advisor about your kitchen order or warranty. Next no longer sell fitted kitchens but current orders will still be fulfilled by a partner (Betta Living) so you should phone 0333 777 8093to change your kitchen appointment date, cancel a fitting or to track your kitchen fitting.

Full List of Important Next Phone Numbers

Next Department

Phone Number

Next Home Customer Service Number0333 777 8000
Next Selfserve0800 587 7758
Next Flowers0333 777 8050
Next Gift Cards0333 777 8800
Next Wedding Gift List0333 777 8141
Next Furniture

Next Photos

0333 777 8999
Next Technical Helpline0333 777 4510
Next Complaints0333 777 8247
Next Domestic Appliances0333 777 8907
Next Art2Order01273 511 943
Next Credit Account0333 777 8733
Next Magazines0207 199 0066
Next Fitted Kitchens0333 777 8093

Other Ways to Contact Next

Next Online

You can contact Next online by filling out a detailed contact form at their offical help website general enquiries, technical support and ordering queries about any Next department.

Next Store Locator

Please use the official Next Store Locator find your nearest Next shop by entering your postcode or by choosing from a drop-down list of locations. You can also use the Next Store Locator to find international Next stores!

Write to Next

Although it is advisable to contact Next by phone or online to resolve your enquiry you can still write to Next for your general query or to provide feedback, please use their official postal address below to do this.

Next Retail Ltd,
Desford Road,
LE19 4AT,
United Kingdom.


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