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All contact number calls cost 7p per minute from a standard BT UK landline. Plus your phone providers access charge.

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The MyHermes Pickup customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• MyHermes Collection Pickup Point Customer Number
• MY Hermes send an International Parcel UK Phone Number
• My Hermes how to package your Parcel Complaints Number

Hermes Customer Number UK - Courier & Parcel Delivery

hermes contact number

Missed collection or delivery? Have issues with a parcel you have sent, not delivered? Want to know working telephone number for myHermes customer services ? Dial Hermes Customer NumberThe number above or 0330 333 6556.This is a direct dial number that connects you straight through to hermes tracking customer service department. This hermes delivery contact number can be called from 8 am to 8 pmon weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pmon weekends.

Hermes Customer Number For Courier & Parcel Delivery Complaints

The number above / 0330 333 6556

How MyHermes Run

To learn more about my Hermes parcel delivery service, courier services, phone Hermes customer service helpline on The number above during open hours (8 am-8 pmon weekdays and from 8 am to 6pmon weekends). Calls made on this number cost 5p per minute (the number providers service charge) plus your phone companys access charge.

You may be astonished to see that hermes uk contact number is not listed directly on the site. Instead you will have to find drop down list of options that will either connect you to an enquiry form or to contact your retailer. You might find this strange but most of the problems you will have is with your retailer and not with myHermes. If there are cases such as your payment hasnt been processed or your item is not available or the parcel is lost. In this case you will have to contact your retailer rather than myHermes. You do not have to call on Hermes DeliveryCustomer Number in these cases. In scenarios when you want to sign up as a retailer on myHermes account, then you need to contact Hermes on their customer services phone number.

Visit my Hermes website to see help and support topics. If you are unable to find any information on that website, give a call on hermes courier contact numberIf you want to connect to the customer services team via email, then you have to create an online account in order to access this feature. Since here are other methods to contact myHermes support services such as Facebook or Twitter but calling on the phone number will provide answers to your questions quickly.

Hermes courier contact number

What Is Hermes

Hermes International S.A., Hermes of Paris, or simply Hermes is a French manufacturer established in 1837, today specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and ready-to-wear. Wikipedia

What Is myHermes?

  • Germany.

  • United Kingdom.

  • China.

  • Austria.

  • Russia.

  • Italy.

myHermes processes around 200 million every year in United Kingdom. The company has tied up with many online retailers in U.K to provide parcel delivery facility. myHermes provide parcel delivery for the following companies:

Sign in to your myHermes account.

  • You have to enter your sixteen digit pin number in Track a parcel box at top right corner of the page.

  • After entering the number, tap Go.

Contact myHermes customer services department on The number above if you are unable to track your parcel online.

How can I find myHermes tracking number?

You can find the tracking number written on your label. It must be a sixteen digit code. Senders of the parcel can check the tracking number by signing into their myHermes account and then clicking on Your Shipments option. Utilize the search tool to locate the parcel. For recipients, they can contact the sender who will help you with the tracking number. If the parcel is ordered from a high street retailer, then you have to contact them directly to know the tracking number.

Call myHermes customer representative on The number above If you are facing problem while finding the tracking number of your parcel.

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How to reschedule myHermes parcel delivery?

Most of the time myHermes courier person will leave a contact number so that you can get in touch with him/her to reschedule your delivery. The courier person will make 3 attempts to deliver your item. Is you are unable to take delivery on the first attempt, the courier person will leave a card intimating you about the next delivery date. Your parcel can also be delivered at a safe place if you are not present on the delivery date. You can check your porch or shed to find your parcel.

For more information regarding reschedulling of parcel, call on myHermes phone number: The number above.

Contact Helpline


Calls may cost more from mobiles and other networks. You should be aware that you will not be connected directly to a MyHermes Pickup Customer Service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with MyHermes Pickup.

Additional MyHermes Pickup info

How much will it cost to send my parcel through myHermes?

The cost of sending your parcel depends upon its weight. Check the rates as per weight:

  • Less than 1 kg - £2.70

  • 1 to 2 kg- £3.78

  • 2 to 5 kg- £5.79

  • 5 to 10kg- £7.49

  • 10 to 15 kg- £9.78

For more information, you can use the link: MyHermes - Our Prices

Alternatively you can call myHermes customer services office to know about sending costs. Use the phone number: The number above.

How can I cancel myHermes parcel shipment?

If you havent paid for the parcel, then you can delete your shipment. If you have already paid for an order and want to cancel it, you can do this before 10 pmon the day of ordering your parcel. To cancel your shipment, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to myHermes account.

  • Click on My Parcels option at top of the page.

    • Click on Cancel option and your amount will be refunded within 3-5 working days.

    • You cannot reinstate once your shipment has been cancelled.

    Alternatively you can use phone services to cancel your myHermes parcel shipment. Call on phone number: The number above to get in touch with an agent.

Launched in 2009, the company provides delivery and collection arrangement services for many small and medium sized enterprises and public members of U.K. Currently myHermes has more than three thousand parcel shops across U.K that are located in local petrol stations, shopping centres and small and big supermarkets.

Hermes Delivery Customer Number

What Are Different Delivery Options Offered By myHermes?

Like other parcel agencies in U.K, myHermes provide various delivery options for its customers. Different types of delivery options are mentioned below:

  • Standard Delivery: In standard day delivery, the parcels are delivered within 2-3 business days.

  • Next Day Delivery: This service is for the people who want their parcel to be delivered on the next day of their order.

  • Stated Day Delivery: In this option, your parcel will be delivered on a specific date. It is for the customers who want to send or receive their parcels at birthdays or anniversaries.

What Is The Best Way To Get In Touch With myHermes?

One of the most common queries of customers is that they are unable to track their parcel that is already shipped. To provide solutions to the problems, myHermes has set various customer service centres in U.K. The best way to get in touch with these customer services centre is via phone. To contact myHermes customer service , call on phone number: The number above. If this number is busy, then you can contact on the alternative myhermes contact number: 0113 397 6400. If you want to post a letter to myHermes head office, you can post it at the following address:

myhermes contact number - The number above

Write at:

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd,

Capitol House,

1 Capitol Close,


LS27 0WH.

Why Should I Call myHermes Customer Service Department?

If you are a retailer and would like to send your items to some other person, then you need to first create your online account with myHermes. In order to setup an account either call contact number for hermes: The number above or contact via enquiry form on the official website of myHermes. However it may take several days to receive a revert from myHermes team. So it is advisable that you call myHermes on its phone number to get quick assistance. People who are unsatisfied with the services can raise a complaint with company representative. All they have to do is give a call on hermes tracking contact number . Calling on this hermes courier contact number will direct you with someone who is qualified enough to handle your complaints and provide a better solution for it.

Making payments, tracking your parcels and viewing your invoices can all be done on your online myHermes account. If you are facing difficulty while accessing these services on your account, dial hermes contact number uk: The number above to speak to an expert. Arrange your parcel at the local parcel locker store by signing in to your myHermes account.

How To Contact myHermes Customer Service Number Team?

For quick resolution to your query, it is recommended that you contact the customer services team via phone or web chat service. The customer executives of the team are available from 8 am to 8 pmduring Weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pmon weekends. People who want assistance over the phone can speak to customer representative on The number above. For webchat facility click on the link: Webchat Facility. Company also provides number of shipping solutions to its business customers and offers a variety of special services for online sellers on eBay and Amazon. Business customers who want to contact the services team myhermes uk contact number is The number above.

How to contact hermes?

If you have an online account with myHermes then sending your items will not be a difficult job. However if you are new to this service and dont know the procedure to send your parcel, then you can contact myHermes over the phone on The number above. On your online account it will be easy to track your parcel as well as print your business tax records. Now scheduling your packages, importing shipments, sending parcels to other countries can be easily managed via online account. Sometimes there can be cases when you are unable to access your account or your account gets locked. This happens when you enter incorrect login details for more than two times. In that case, you can call hermes delivery contact number uk The number above. The customer service executive will help you to access your online account.

Start Sending Your Parcels With myHermes

Now you can print postage from your home nu filling an online form. You can ask the company executive on The number above if you are facing any difficulty while filling up the online form. After the postage of parcel, you can drop your package at one of the myHermes shop centre or can arrange a courier pickup. To arrange a pickup you have to login to your myHermes account, you can also reschedule a pickup. All the charges for sending your item can be viewed online and also can be obtained from the company agent by calling on hermes uk contact phone number: The number above

MyHermes Complaint/Phone Number: The number above

The simple and cost effective way to get in touch with myHermes customer services is by calling on phone number:The number above. All the queries and complaints can be solved by calling on this number. Standard call rates will be applied if you are calling from landline plus your phone provider access charge.

People who are unable to access phone services, can use free web chat or email services. Go to Contact Us section on the official website of myHermes.

Below we have mentioned some questions that are frequently asked by the customers.

How to reset MyHermes account password?

Follow some easy steps to reset your myHermes account password:

  • Go to Login page of myHermes by clicking on the link:

  • Enter your email address and click on Forgot your Password?

  • Click on send password reset email.

  • You will receive an email containing the instructions to reset your account password.

If you didnt receive an email containing your account password, speak to myHermes customer executive on The number above.

How can I sign up for myHermes account?

To sign up for myHermes account, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the link:

  • Click on Login at top right of the page.

  • On the next page, click on register option and enter your name, email id and password.

  • Now click on Register.

  • And your account will be created.

Facing problem while signing up for online account? Call myHermes customer service executive on phone number: The number above.

MyHermes Customer Number

How to track my parcel using myHermes account?

Follow the below instructions to track your parcel:

If you are sender of the parcel, then:

  • Login to your myHermes account by clicking on the link:

  • Go to My Parcels option located at the top right corner of the page.

  • Use the search tool to track your parcel.


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Do you live near one of these? Research suggests energy pulses from the towers can be damaging to human cell growth & can increase your risk of developing cancer.

Mobile towers flood homes with microwave energy

We are used to seeing mobile towers as tall pylon / crane-like structures in the middle of fields & unpoplulated areas.

Now they have have been redesigned and are poping up in our neighbourhoods & streets all over of the UK. They are smaller mobile masts also known as Monopoles.

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We urge you to conduct your own research, write to the operator of the mast, be it EE, 02 or Voda for exposure readings of your location and if possible buy an EMF reader to see how strong the pulses actually are.

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