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    All of our engineers are trained by Indesit to the highest standard, ensuring you get expert repairs and assistance.

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    All of our engineers are trained by Indesit to the highest standard, ensuring you get expert repairs and assistance.

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    News - Do you know the risks of living near a mobile tower?

    Do you live near one of these? Research suggests energy pulses from the towers can be damaging to human cell growth & can increase your risk of developing cancer.

    Mobile towers flood homes with microwave energy

    We are used to seeing mobile towers as tall pylon / crane-like structures in the middle of fields & unpoplulated areas.

    Now they have have been redesigned and are poping up in our neighbourhoods & streets all over of the UK. They are smaller mobile masts also known as Monopoles.

    H.E.S.E's Dosimetry department have concluded that living next to one will mean that your house will be flooded with microwave antenna energy 24/7.

    Effects on human cell structure & DNA

    H.E.S.E (Human Ecological Social Economic) are electromagetic health experts that state 'Radiation from masts are more dangerous than phones and wifi devices since pulses of continuous irradiation are emitted at high strength 24/7'

    Residents living nearby have no say in the matter of whether or not a mast is constructed in close proximity to their homes.

    Whilst mobile operators have targets to achieve greater coverage, they are setting masts up in close proximity to homes without conducting sufficient if not any research on safe limits of exposure.

    We urge you to conduct your own research, write to the operator of the mast, be it EE, 02 or Voda for exposure readings of your location and if possible buy an EMF reader to see how strong the pulses actually are.

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    Add peace of mind with Indesit’s repair and protection plan.

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    Indesit now offers a 10 year parts guarantee, ensure you register your appliance to activate your parts guarantee.

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