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The Groupon customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Groupon UK Customer Number
• Groupon Getaways Deals UK Phone Number
• Groupon Voucher / Promo Codes UK Support Number
• Groupon Refunds Helpdesk
• Groupon Spa / City Breaks Complaints Number

Groupon Customer Service Number Helpline Number

There is nothing that the Groupon customer service team are not willing to assist with – they are aware of the complexities of the service they offer. This means that they need to be able to offer an exceptional level of customer service; there is a time limit on all of the daily deals that Groupon offer and therefore it is important to answer any enquiries that come into the Groupon customer service department as quickly as possible.

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In order to handle the large number of calls that the team have to take each day, the caller will hear an automated menu when they first dial 0844 385 1263 and will be asked to follow the instructions in order to be connected through to the correct division with the Groupon customer care team. The number listed on this website will connect you straight through to this point – it is a direct dial number – so that you are able to receive all the help and support you need straight away.

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Please refer to Official Groupon website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a Groupon customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Groupon.

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As part of the dedication which the Groupon customer services department has to offering the best possible service, they organise their customer service team into smaller teams all of whom specialise in certain aspects of service so that callers are able to get the service they desire immediately. It may be that you have called the groupon customer service number about a fault on the website or something to do with the payment you have put through, these two enquiries will demand a different level of service.

This is not the only way they strive to offer a high level of service, there is also a host of contact information listed on the Groupon website. This means customers are able to contact a member of the Groupon customer service team through a variety of channels. There is the option to email the team or, provided you are accessing their website during normal working hours, customers are able to enter into a live chat scenario with a member of the Groupon customer care team.

Essentially all this means for the customer is that they are able to receive the help and support they require without having to call the Groupon customer care line listed on this website. Therefore they will not incur the charges associated with calling this number but receive the same level of advice.

Groupon Customer Service Number – 0844 385 1263

Firstly, when the Groupon customer care number is called, the caller is connected first to a menu which assigns a number on the phone keypad to an option – when the customer selects the option most closely related to their enquiry, they are connected through to a member of the team who is most capable of answering their query. This is not simply done by Groupon so that they can evaluate what their customers enquire about and therefore populate the correct departments with the appropriate number of people, but they also use it to answer the questions online.

By doing this, many customers may find that they no longer need to contact the Groupon customer service team because their question is answered. This is not because the team at Groupon are so opposed to offering customer support, but so that the department is not quite so bombarded with incoming calls. This means that when an enquiry simply cannot be answered by visiting the website, the customer does not have to wait on hold for hours while the advisor deals with a customer who could have resolved their problem online.


While all of this data and management is important and useful, it is possible to speak with a member of the team through alternative channels than over the phone. Customers are encouraged to reach Groupon customer support through the internet. Not only is there information on their website but there is also the opportunity to contact Groupon either through an instant messaging conversation hosted by the Groupon website or through email. Both of these channels allow the customer to receive the extensive support that they are seeking, without having to spend hours on the telephone.

Groupon Customer Service Number UK

Groupon have recently branched out in order to offer a wider range of products to their customers and ensure that they are able to expand their customer base. This of course also means that the number of customers shopping at Groupon for support has also increased. Customers require a certain level of support and when there is new services or opportunity, this need increases. Groupon are committed to offering the highest level of customer support they can and therefore their customer services team are prepared for an influx of telephone calls.

The customer services team at Groupon is available to be contacted seven days a week so that you are able to receive the assistance you require, whenever. The number is also of course a direct dial number which will mean there is no third party between the caller and the company that will delay you receiving said assistance, it will connect you straight through to Groupon.

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