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The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the Greenflag Customer Service website. Which can be found here. Simply call to go through to the Green Flag department.

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The Greenflag customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Green Flag UK Customer Number
• Green Flag Roadside Breakdown UK Phone Number
• Green Flag Rescue Plus UK Support Number
• Green Flag Recovery Plus Helpdesk
• Greenflag Online Account | Mobile App Complaints Number1

0800 051 0636 Green Flag Customer Service Number

The customer staffs are good and friendly at helping no matter what reasons they have for using

0800 051 0636Green Flag Customer Service Number.

Why Call Green Flag Customer Service Number Telephone Number?

Some of the top reasons why you need to call Green Flag phone number are below:

  • If you are car has collapsed
  • Ask about the quote and arrange your insurance
  • Know more about each insurance contract
  • Need an onward travel in case of a breakdown
  • Want to terminate contract before the renewal date
  • Make a formal complaint about the service offered


Many motorists choose Green Flag because when you experience car failure they bring you to your destination in one travel. Other car collapse services have limitation that means that you and your auto will be moved to a new vehicle at the boundary before your trip can continue.

Contact Helpline


Please refer to the official Green Flag website here. You will be connected directly to a Greenflag customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Greenflag.

Additional Greenflag info

About Green Flag

Green Flag was formerly known as National Breakdown, but in 1980, it changed its name to give a better company reputation. They are hot on the heels of the AA who still have the best membership ahead of Green Flag and RAC.

Green Flag is a roadside breakdown service company. They the only company to offer good price packages customized based on your personal need and situation. To set this up and get a breakdown policy, feel free to call 0800 051 0636Green Flag Customer Service Number.

They also offer Rapid Response assurance, giving £10 cash-back if they do not arrive within hour after you call. But, this is strange as they have national coverage in UK, giving them the benefits of knowing all the short cuts to come to you are they are locally based. To know more about their quick response, contact 0800 051 0636Green Flag Customer Service Number.

For four years or operating, Green Flag has been an awardee as the Best Breakdown Provider in UK, besting its main rivals AA and RAC. Green does not have its own fleet of cars, rather a network of locally based mechanics. The average response time of the Green Flag is 28 minutes and it makes them the fastest breakdown service responder.

Green Flag Customer Service Opening Hours

Green Flag customer services contact number is available 24/7 all year round for breakdown recovery related services. For the none breakdown related services like getting a quote for cover, the customer service number is open Mondays to Fridays 8am to 8pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm and Sundays 10am to 5pm.

Why Choose To Call Green Flag Services?

Green Flag have considered themselves ahead of their rivals because they are more budget-friendly while still offering same quality of customer service. You can contact Green Flag directly using the number provided here by the Easy Connect UK and from there you can talk to the member of the customer service about the different cover options that are best for you. They even offer European cover option in the event you are planning to go abroad. Green Flag’s company reputation has boosted over the years as they have improved as one of the most trusted breakdown services. By becoming a member of the Green Flag, you can avail true ‘all year round’ coverage. Because of the different kinds of coverage that you can get from Green Flag, the company has become more interesting and useful to all its customers.

My car collapsed and I do not have any insurance. Can I call Green Flag, register, and immediately get help?

Yes, it is possible and by calling 0800 051 0636Green Flag Customer Service Number, you can arrange coverage in just a few minutes. But, because you are not covered by the company and you asking for an immediate coverage, expect that small charge will be incurred. This premium is offered to lessen customers taking advantage of the service.

Can I get cover if I have put wrong fuel in my car?

Using the wrong fuel for your car is a common problem, more frequent than you would realize as a huge number of customers have committed a mistake at the pumps. A latest survey has shown that every four minutes, some drivers fill the wrong kind of fuel in the car. Many customers would think that fixing this mistake can be costly, but this is not the case. Green Flag have an expert team in place to help with this issue. The ‘Misfuelling Cover’ can sign in to nay insurance that you get Green Flag to give you extra confidence and peace of mind while on the road. If this kind of accident happens to you, then you will be safe knowing that you are insured. For further information, contact the customer services contact number on 0800 051 0636.

Green Flag Car Health Check

Green Flag Breakdown

Green Flag offers five different kinds of breakdown coverage policy. Each provides unique type of services at an affordable price. Customers should pick the coverage option that best for road use and want insurance they might need most. There will be different cost for personal breakdown insurance and family cover that ranges to three members of your home. Toy can get in touch with Green Flag breakdown customer services phone number in order to get more information about the services.

  • Rescue Cover

This is the most affordable and basic cover that you can buy from Green Flag. It will insure you for road assistance and special equipment that might be essential in case of snowfall or flooding.

  • Green Flag Recovery Cover

Customers who always travel around UK may want to avail the Recovery plan. Recovery cover costs £55 and up. This comprises all of the features listed above, but with this plan, Green Flag can take your car to and from any place in UK.

  • Rescue Plus Cover

Rescue Plus comprises all features in the Rescue plan. The Rescue Plus cover will charge from £45 if you want to include these additional features to your plan.

  • Euro Plus Cover

Customers who want to travel around Europe will have to get Green Flag’s Euro Plus contract. The package includes roadside assistance, unlimited call-outs, specialist equipment, national recovery etc.

  • Green Flag Recovery Plus Cover

This plan cost about £5 more than the basic Recovery plan at a charge of £60 upwards.


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