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The EE The Right Tarrif customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• EE Best Tarrif for you Customer Number
• EE Wrong tarrif UK Phone Number
• EE Plan usage and Budgeting UK Support Number
• EE Gurus Helpdesk
• Right Phone for you Complaints Number

You can contact EE Customer Service on these low-cost phone numbers: 0800 956 6000 / 07953 966 250.

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The EE customer service helpline is available weekdays 8am-10pm and weekends 8am-8pm – ideal if you’re having trouble with your EE connectivity and want to complain, or need to contact someone about your contract for any other reason.

EE, meaning ‘Everything Everywhere’, is the single largest telecommunications network in the UK, offering subscription services for both mobile phones and the Internet.

Roaming around Europe on EE UK

Euro Pass: For EE Regular Plans and 4GEE Essential Plans only

If you are on an EE Regular Plan or 4GEE Essential Plan, our Euro Pass gives you unlimited calls and texts plus a massive 500MB of data, all for a fixed fee of £4 a day. So there is no need to hunt around for WiFi. And no chance of an unexpected bill when you get home. Youll only be charged on days you use your phone in our Europe Zone.

Text EUROPASS to 150 and you’re all set up.

Everything you need to know about Euro Pass

The result of a high-profile merger between Orange and T-Mobile, EE is presently the largest single telecoms company in Britain both in terms of revenue and client numbers. In recent times the company has attempted to adopt its network hardware to 4G, which is slated to become the cutting edge in mobile communications technology in coming years.

A gargantuan company, EE employs 15,000 people nationwide. This together with its heavy brand presence and billions in revenues make its huge presence undoubted.

All contact numbers

Here’s the full set of telephone contact numbers for EE, Orange and T-Mobile – for sales and customer service. Last updated June 2015.

Note that sales and customer service phonelines are open weekdays 8am-10pm and weekends 8am-8pm. But if calling to report a lost or stolen phone, call the same customer service helpline 0800 956 6000 / 07953 966 250 asap – it’s available 24/7 for this purpose.

Exiting customers

All EE customers are welcome to contact the central customer service team on 0800 956 6000 or 07953 966 250.

Orange ‘Pay As You Go’ customers will get the most efficient response by calling their dedicated customer service team on 07973 100 450.

Orange ‘Pay Monthly’ customers are invited to phone this dedicated helpline: 07973 100 150.

T-Mobile customers of all kinds are best calling this number for the most efficient customer service from EE’s T-Mobile team: 07953 966 150.

New customers – phone in to sign up

If you’d like to join EE, you can do so by phoning 0800-956-6000 (personal / individuals) or 0800 956 6100 (business customers, up to 50 employees) or even 0800 079 0888 (larger businesses, 50+ employees).

Call costs: EE’s 0800 (freephone) numbers are all free to call from a landline but will cost up to 20p per minute from EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile phones, so if you need to save your credit, dial in from a landline!

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Please refer to the official Tarrif Advice & EE Gurus website here. You will be connected directly to a EE The Right Tarrif customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with EE The Right Tarrif.

Further EE The Right Tarrif info

EE Customer Number for Mobile and Small Business Customers 07953 966 250

Pay Monthly on the other hand have varying plans available that come in different prices, features and allowances. Depending on your minutes, text and data usage, there’s a plan that would suit your needs. It offers faster speed, as well as roaming services within the European Union, but under a contract. This is also the same number to call for existing small business clients.

EE Customer Number for Broadband and EE TV 0800 079 8586

EE Customer Service Number for 4GEE Mobile WiFi 07953 966 502

EE Helpline Number for Large Business 0800 079 3333

Free Customer Number for EE New Members 0800 956 6000

EE Customer Service Phone Number for Text Relay Service 18001

EE Customer Service Customer Number to Pay Bill 07953 966 250

    If you prefer to send your payment by check, make sure that it’s payable to EE and that you have your account number, as well as your mobile number written at the back of the check. Get the payment slip on your bill’s last page. Fill up the needed information and send it together with the check to the following address:

    EE Limited PO Box 238 SHEFFIELD S98 1PS

    Note that it could take up to five business days for your check to reach EE. That being said, make sure that you send your payment early to avoid late fees.

    EE Complaints UK Postal Address

    EE Customer Service Number 6 Camberwell WaySunderland Tyne & Wear SR3 3XN

    EE Customer Care PO Box 486 Rotherham S63 5ZX


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