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24 hour UK service
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Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00
The helpline number shown above has been taken directly from the DSA Customer Service website. Which can be found here. Simply call to go through to the Driving Standards Agency department.

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The DSA customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• DSA Driving Standards Agency UK Customer Number
• DSA Theory Test UK Phone Number
• DSA Practical Test UK Support Number
• DSA Book Test Helpdesk
• DSA Cancel Test Complaints Number

DSA Customer Number is 0300 200 1122

The DVSA, or the Driving Standards Agency, is an organization that forms a part of the Department for Transportation. For more information on this organization, contact them on 0300 200 1122.

The Aim Of The DVSA

The main aim of this organization is to promote the safety of roads within Britain, and there are a variety of ways that it has set out to accomplish this, including;

DSA Customer Service Helpline
  • Setting Driving And Driving Training Standards
  • Developing Driving Education
  • Making Educational Resources Available
  • Cut Down Carbon Emissions by 20% by the year 2015
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Contact Helpline


Please refer to the official Driving Standards Agency website here. You will be connected directly to a DSA customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with DSA.

Additional DSA info

To comment on or complain about the online booking service, you can contact:

Comments and complaints

phone: 0300 200 1122
email: customercare@pearson.com

Or you can write to:

Customer Correspondence
Driver & Vehicle Agency
PO Box 381
M50 3UW

Driving Test Tips.

These are only a few of the aims of the DSA. For more information, contact them on 0300 200 1122.

Road Safety

The DSA is in charge of regulating every aspect of road safety, including;

  • Drink Driving Penalties
  • Speed Limits
  • Freight Transport Specifications

For information about their role in regulating road safety, contact the DSA on 0300 200 1122.

Theory Tests

The tests provided by the DSA are divided into riding and driving tests, which pertain to motorcycles and vehicles respectively. Individuals should keep in mind that specializations might require further tests, such as taxis for private hire, or tractors. Before being able to drive these vehicles safely, a driver will need to prove their competence by booking a theory and driving test, which they will need to pass before obtaining a valid license.

For more information on specialized driving permits and licenses, contact the DSA on 0300 200 1122.

Book a Driving Test

In order to book a theory or practical driving test, you will need to go through the DSA. It is possible to contact the DSA about these tests via email or by contacting them on 0300 200 1122. The department is open from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm from Monday to Friday for theory test inquiries and bookings, and from 8:00 am to midday from Monday to Friday for practical test inquiries and bookings. You can also contact the DSA via their snail mail address, which is based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

English and Welsh Bookings with the DSA

Bookings to the DSA can be made in English or Welsh, although individuals will need to remember to contact the right number for both books. The number for English bookings is 0300 200 1122, while the number for Welsh bookings is 0300 200 1122.


Individuals who are unable to communicate over the phone by speaking can opt for the textphone, which allows them to respond by typing, instead of speaking. This is a great option for the deaf, as well as those who struggle to speak. The textphone number is 0300 200 1122.

DSA-Customer-Service-HelplineQR code for Driving Standards Agency Customer Helpline – Scan Here!

Changing Your Test Date

If you find that you are unable to make your test booking and you would like to change the date, you need to contact the DSA as soon as possible on 0300 200 1122.

Finding an Approved Instructor

If you are looking for an approved DSA instructor, you can find information about these professionals via the DSA itself. To do so, simply contact them on 0300 200 1122.

For more information about the DSA, contact them on 0300 200 1122.


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